Hi everyone! My name is Jami. This first blog will be to let you know what I am doing and what I want you guys to get from this website. I am a writer, mother, wife,cook, boo boo healer, room cleaner, and my favorite; my kids hero. The days get really long and sometimes while writing I get a brain fart. I would like you guys to vent about things that make you happy, mad, or things you would like to read about. I will do the same. I will not ask for something I can't return. So starting Monday I will be venting or telling funny stories. I think its easier to talk when you cannot see who you are talking to. I will not feel so bad about yelling about the things that make me mad. I will also use this for inspiration for my books. I am currently working on my third book in the Vampire secrets series. This summer I plan on starting two more series. It's going to be a busy summer. I do have one rule though and that is no foul language; I do not want my children to come to my website and read things their eyes are to young to see. Thanks guys and i'm out of her until tomorrow. Good Night and Good Luck!